How do I transfer funds into my Olympia account?

You can easily transfer-in funds to your Olympia account through your Client Portal. 

  1. Select Online Transactions. 
  2. Select Transfer-In. 
  3. Enter in the Relinquishing Institution Name. 
  4. Complete the Transfer Instructions required. 
  5. Review and click to accept the Terms & Conditions. 
  6. Click Submit Transfer-In. 

If the relinquishing institution accepts transfers electronically, you will not be required to sign the Transfer Authorization Form. If the relinquishing institution does require a client signature, you will be prompted to print and sign the Transfer Authorization FormOnce signed, email it to or use the Upload Documents feature located on the Online Transactions page of the Client Portal. 

Alternatively, you can complete a Transfer Authorization Form found here and email to .

Olympia will review completed documents to ensure they are accurate before submitting the transfer request. This will ensure we prevent any potential delays.  

For pension transfers, they require their own specific documents. You will be provided with a pension termination package which will include documents for you to complete. 

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