When will Olympia send my tax document(s)?

You can expect your specific tax document(s) to be available online or mailed to you on these approximate dates.

Tax Document 

Approximate Online Availability / Mailing Date 

RRSP Contribution Receipt 

Mid-January, late January and weekly thereafter. 

For last 10 months of the year, the receipts are issued in mid-January. 

For the first 60 days of the current year, the receipts are issued in mid-January and weekly thereafter.  

T4RSP / RL-2 / NR4 

Late February 

T4RIF / RL-2 / NR4 

Late February 

T4A / RL-1 / NR4 

Late February 

T5 / RL-3 

Late February 


Late February 

T3 / RL-16 

Throughout March 

T5013 / RL-15 

Throughout March 

Your tax document(s) will be uploaded onto your web portal and you will be notified via email that it's available to view. If you have opted out of email communications, your statement will be mailed to you. A Mailing Fee will be charged as per our Fee Schedule.

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